Jennie Fresa Beauty is an eco-conscience store & spa located in downtown Madison, CT.  After being in the industry for over 20 years, Jennie Fresa partnered with dreamscapes when moving to her Madison location to update her brand and online experience as well as create her online shop. The dreamscapes team handles the branding, website, Shopify site, email marketing, advertising and signage and collaborates with this client as she continually offers the latest to her discerning clientele on the latest in clean beauty.  Our more recent ventures have focused on her expanding her reach both domestically and internationally. One of the newest features on her site, Ask Jennie, brings her clean beauty expertise to her non-local clients.  Site visitors can answer some questions and upload an image of themselves, so that Jennie can personally curate the most appropriate product regime or look which will be emailed directly to you with links to purchase directly from her site.  That’s an expert beauty consultation from the convenience of your own home!