Donner Photographic Inc. is a photography agency specializing in school and dance portraits, videography and yearbooks. Donner Photographic partnered with dreamscapes in 2015 after searching for a unique ecommerce solution for their growing business. They not only wanted a modernization of their brand and online presence, but required an ecommerce experience that would encompass all the complexities of their business. The challenge was that no existing platform was able to operate in a way that would integrate with their well established workflow. Being a certified Shopify Expert, the dreamscapes development team was able to use the Shopify foundation as their ecommerce solution, while creating completely custom applications and interfaces to handle all their requirements. Managing hundreds of thousands of products and working across the US, the new website and ecommerce platform is ahead of their competitors . An ever evolving experience, our partnership continues today to further enhance the user interface for their growing customer base and streamline their process to handle the surge in sales.